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July 27, 2021

How to Start Speaking Irish | Gaeilge

As you may be aware, the Irish language (Gaeilge) is a bit of a sore spot for most Irish folk, due to a variety of reasons both historical and personal.

At the Irish Pagan School, we believe that the native language is fundamental to the expression of and engagement with our native spiritual and magical energies and entities.

We also know that learning a whole new language, or improving your existing grasp of Gaeilge, can be HARD.

(We don’t call it Gaelic, fyi, just Irish, or Gaeilge… though you’ll see the occasional mixed opinion on this from Irish folk.)

So, we provide resources!

The following video is the first on a channel dedicated to spreading passion for the Irish language and hopefully helping those who never got the chance to learn Irish, to learn some now. In this video you will learn how to say Hello, hello back, how are you, how to respond and a few other phrases to get you started with this beautiful language.

Watch the Video –

Courtesy of Gaeilge i Mo Chroí on YouTube

Now, you may notice that the above video provides the standard (nominally catholic, but at least christian) greetings and such. Want to avoid that, but still stay true, and be respectful of, the native culture?

Lora’s got ya covered with Pagan Greetings as Gaeilge!

Watch the Video –

We’re also absolutely delighted to share that our own Muinteoir, Amy Ní Chó, has recorded a whole Irish language course, specifically designed with Irish Pagans in mind while providing absolutely top quality Irish language teaching.

In the Introduction to the Irish Language (Gaeilge) course you learn about…

Irish Language Basics:

  • Spelling in Irish (explaining those Fadas, Séimhiús and Urús!)
  • Pronunciation
  • Sentence Structure in Irish
  • Regional dialect differences
  • Pronouns and Positioning
  • Counting

Conversational Irish Gaeilge:

  • Introducing Yourself
  • Describing the Environment Around You
  • Expressing Needs, Wants & Feelings
  • Seanfhocail (Old Words)

Irish Language Grammar:

  • Tenses: Past, Present & Future
  • Aimsir Chaite
  • Aimsir Láithreach
  • Aimsir Gnáthláithreach
  • Aimsir Fháistineach
  • Saor Briathar
  • Irregular Verbs
  • Intro to the Cases / Na Tuisil

Gaeilge for Pagan Practice:

  • The Magic of the Irish Language
  • Pagan Vocabulary (expressing your practice as Gaeilge)

The course resources include a practical guide to help you with your learning of the Irish language, and also information on extra resources and advice on how to further your learning and use of the Irish language in your daily life. You do not need to have any specific level or knowledge of Gaeilge to enroll in this class.

GET FULL DETAILS AND ENROLLMENT HERE – https://irishpaganschool.com/p/irish-intro

The course is available immediately, and includes 10 hours of content and a whole slew of multimedia resources (including transcripts of the teaching videos).

As we said, our language is at the heart of our spirituality and magic. We hope these resources help you, if you’d like to take a few steps along that path.

Slaínte (good health)

Lora & Jon

The Irish Pagan School.


There’s actually a whole Irish language playlist on Lora’s YouTube channel, to whet your appetite and give you a solid (free) starting point – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9QXQd7GCJnq5szpEXxYkMLZRaTRYNTjG

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