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Funny story about the Mórrígan. On Sunday 13th October, I was in Dublin presenting at Octocon - ​The National Irish Science Fiction[...]
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This post is about the monument known as Medb's Heap, Medb's Cairn, Medb's Tomb, Medb's Nipple or Medb's Grave (and[...]
Pagan Priesthood in Irish History
[This is a section that didn't make the final edit of my new book, 'A Practical Guide to Pagan Priesthood',[...]
Brehon Law Resources
Learn about Ancient Ireland's Laws and Customs through study of the Brehon Law system. A student in our Mórrígan Intensive[...]
Lughnasadh in Ireland
The 1st of August (sometimes the 2nd) is Lúnasa (Lughnasadh, Lughnasa, Brón Trogain) - the harvest festival in Ireland. In[...]

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