Through the Irish Pagan School mailing list, Mike asked: “One question if I may. What is the difference between Druidism and

You might have made these Pagan Mistakes in the past and still feel mortified – maybe even felt like you couldn’t

Spoiler Alert! No. You don’t. The Number One reason we hear for folk joining the Irish Pagan School comes down to

Today is the Summer Solstice (on Sat 20th June, at 22.43 pm, in Ireland, to be exact). You’re gonna see a

In our annual Meeting the Mórrígan programme, I got a question on the Daughters of Ernmas – basically, which ‘set’ of

I’m not sure how many of you, exactly, have searched for a beginner’s guide specifically… But every month, there are 1,900

Or indeed, what is a Pagan? These are big questions; broad, and deep, that span the entirety, really, of human history.

The character of Queen Maeve has come to popularity in Amazon’s TV show ‘The Boys’ as a badass superhero with some…

Faolín sighed and shifted her weight, earning herself kicks from her sisters, still sleeping, for her trouble. How could they sleep

‘The Battle of Moytura at Cong’, also known as The First Battle of Magh Turedh, Maige Tuired, etc. This text can