A while back, I was interviewed by a student named Hannah for their college research, and I thought others might be

Irish Paganism Q&A with Lora O’Brien

Bealtaine (or May Day) is coming up at the end of this month, so we’d love to see you fully prepared

Bealtaine (Beltane) Resources for Irish Celtic Pagans

The Morrigan resources provided here are compiled by Lora O’Brien: native Irish author and educator, co-founder of the Irish Pagan School,

The Morrigan – Ultimate Resources Guide

A lot of folk have asked me about a practice I engage with every December, my Winter Solstice vigil each year

My Irish Winter Solstice Vigil

One of our most frequently asked questions in the Irish Pagan School Tuath (community) is about books and reading – what’s

What Are We Reading? – Nov 2021

Ogham (also spelled ogam) is a uniquely Irish alphabet, which uses a system of notches and horizontal or diagonal lines to

How to Read Ogham?

I’m delighted to host a guest post by my friend Pat Booker, a wonderful Irish Pagan person who has in fact,

Northern Ireland 101

As you may be aware, the Irish language (Gaeilge) is a bit of a sore spot for most Irish folk, due

How to Start Speaking Irish | Gaeilge

We’ve had a few questions lately about boundaries when using Lora’s Guided Journeys in the Irish Otherworld method (more info on

Setting Boundaries in Guided Journeys

A personal piece today, about how the Mórrígan shows up in my life. When my Mam showed me pics of her

On Brand for the Mórrígan