In my Guided Journeys work at the Irish Pagan School, one of the most common concerns that students have is do

Community Interview with C. Lee Vermeers The third part in our Community Spirituality Series, where I interviewed C. Lee Vermeers of

The Mórrígan (also Morrigan, Morrígu, Mór-Ríoghain) is a striking figure from Irish mythology: known variously as an Irish Goddess, native Pagan

When trying to connect meaningfully and find native sources for Irish Paganism within the reality of our living Irish traditions, things

Another one from the frequently asked questions file at the Irish Pagan School is how to make offerings to Pagan Gods

Community Interview with Elsa Marie Edmond The second part in our Community Spirituality Series, where I interviewed Elsa Marie Edmond of

Well first off, your answer may be – none. You don’t have to work with any god or goddess to be

“On Union, the latest album of collaborations he sings a song called Gaelic Ireland which sounds like it was written 100

Lora O’Brien answered an Irish Pagan School Student Question about Irish Ancestry and Cultural Appropriation, in relation to Irish or Celtic

When you begin to study Irish History there can be some confusion as to the terminology, particularly around the time periods