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April 4, 2022

Bealtaine (Beltane) Resources for Irish Celtic Pagans

Bealtaine (or May Day) is coming up at the end of this month, so we’d love to see you fully prepared for this very important Fire Festival in the Irish Tradition.

Note: In Ireland, Bealtaine is the name for the month of May in our Irish language and living cultural traditions, while Beltane is the anglicised version that is commonly used in contemporary Paganism. We do prefer, generally, that people respect our history and heritage by using the word Bealtaine… see videos below for pronunciation!

Go raibh maith agat

We have a lot of content available across our various channels, so here is a handy collection of resources (free and paid) to prepare you for this Pagan Holiday. 




Bealtaine in Ireland, with Lora O’Brien:

— The name, meanings and pronunciations – with a native Irish speaker.
— Irish history and traditions of the festival.
— The most important elements or themes of this festival.
— The biggest mistakes people make, so you don’t have to.
— Irish Gods or Goddesses associated with this festival.
— Some obstacles we face as modern Pagans working with ancient traditions/ working outside Irish culture.
— Shared native experiences and opinions.
— Practical exercises, prompts, challenges.
— A short Q&A session during the live online class.

Learn More – https://irishpaganschool.com/p/bealtaine

Bealtaine Ritual & Practice, with Orlagh Costello:

— What Irish God and/or Goddess is associated with Bealtaine, and why?
— What Irish folk practices & traditions were/are known to be practised at Bealtaine?
— A simple ritual framework to build relationship with these deities, incorporating the authentic associations & practices.
— How to take this ritual & respectfully personalise it to suit your own practice. 

Learn More – https://irishpaganschool.com/p/ritual-bealtaine

Hope this is useful for ye!

We will also have a Bealtaine Video up shortly on the Irish Pagan School YouTube Channel – Click Here to Subscribe for Fresh Content.

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  • Hi Lora, my name is David and I’m from Australia, I am genetically from the “old countries” of Ireland, Wales, Cornwall,. Scotland and last and possibly least, England, would love to know more about our spiritual past as I am amazingly prescient for no apparent reason, consequently I believe it comes from my “Celtic” background. In any case I’d love to hear what you think .


    • With all due respect David, what I think is freely available through the many, many hundreds of hours of educational materials, both free and paid, through this blog, my published books, two youtube channels, and a whole online school which I co-founded and still run. What ELSE are you looking for, exactly?

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