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9 Signs That You Might be Plastic Paddy

9 Signs That You Might be Plastic Paddy
Phoney Mahoney. Fake Irish. Plastic Paddy.

Not terms you’d want to be used about you if you’re serious about your Irish heritage.

Well, more serious at least than a green leprechaun hat and getting pissed as a fart on Paddy’s Day.

So, how do we avoid such labels?

How do you know if you are making a tit of yourself when you tell people you’re Irish? How do you know if you make the grade?

I don’t believe it’s all about being born here, but ya gotta understand the culture. Walk it as well as talk it like. Irish American is a different thing to being Irish – not better or worse, but definitively different.

And while I’m not claiming to be the boss of who gets to call themselves Irish or not, there’s so many times I’m raising my eyebrows at folk who are claiming to be Irish and know literally NOTHING about Ireland.
Daily. It’s painful like.
Here’s a little tongue in cheek look at some of the signs that’ll show you – you might not be as ‘Irish’ as you think you are.

You might be a Plastic Paddy if you claim to be Irish and…

  1. You have ever, as an adult, dressed up like a leprechaun. Or even worn one of those ginger novelty wig and cap things. Yes, even if it was ‘just a joke’.
  2. You can’t pronounce place-names like Mullingar, Ballaghaderreen, or Graiguenamanagh.
  3. You have no concept of the inherent danger in leaving on the immersion.
  4. You would not know how to correctly address a Siobhán, a Derbhla, or a Caoimhe.
  5. The wooden spoon holds no fear for you.
  6. You have ever argued about Irish culture with a person born/raised in Ireland, as in, told them they must be mistaken because you know better.
  7. Your best friend spends the evening goading and mocking you, and you get really upset.
  8. You have no idea of the magical healing properties of flat 7up.
  9. When you say something is ‘grand’, it’s to indicate size, or higher levels of posh.

How did ya do?!

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