Lora O'Brien's Resources - The Morrigan

I'm Lora, Irish Draoí & Priest of the Mórrígan

For a decade I professionally managed the Mórrígan’s most important sacred site – the Cave of the Cats at Cruachán (Rathcroghan), and lived right by it... learning a lot! I've been teaching all of this Pagan stuff since around 2000, though I've been doing all of the Pagan stuff a lot longer than that. I started my relationship with this Irish Goddess in 2004, and I've made it my life's work to provide quality, authentic connection to Ireland.

Beginner Videos

I have a comprehensive playlist of videos about the Mórrígan over on my YouTube Channel, but I've selected the following for you to begin with, if you're new...

How do you know if this goddess has called to you? Each experience is unique, of course, but here are the basics - https://youtu.be/C0KW6iNlGtg

Answering the question: "Do you consider the Morrighan her own Goddess, or is she an amalgamation of Macha, Badb, and/or Others?" - https://youtu.be/crZaQaLSWJw

If you're just getting started and want to reach out to this Goddess, but you're unclear what is appropriate, and don't want to make a mistake, here you go - https://youtu.be/IB130q1IAiQ

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Irish Goddess, Introductory Class

Learn about the Irish Goddess Mórrígan, an Mór Ríoghain with Irish Draoí - Lora O'Brien

Shapes of the Morrigan class with Lora O'Brien - the wolf

Do you want to learn more about the Shape-Shifting of the Irish Goddess Mórrígan – An Mór Ríoghain: the Great Queen, the Phantom Queen?

Síd ar Cruachán – The Mórrígan’s Cave… and Caves as Places of Power in Ireland

Macha, Badb, Anand, Fea, Nemain... are they all Aspects of the Morrigan?

The Mórrígan Lore.

A Quality, Authentic look at the native Lore Stories of the Goddess Mórrígan – An Mór Ríoghain: the Great Queen, the Phantom Queen. (5 Sections, 6 hrs).