Each year, I run a 6 month Programme called ‘Meeting the Mórrígan’, through the Irish Pagan School.

2020 is in process and open for enrollment  – https://irishpaganschool.com/p/morrigan-intensive-2020

(Closes on Thursday 28th May 2020!)


This intensive online course is available to a select few students, by application only, and acceptance is awarded in conjunction with Herself. Look, I don’t make the rules, ok?

Applications for Meeting the Mórrígan

To be considered for this programme, you will have to have completed 3 preliminary classes:

Each class includes around 2 hours of Teaching Presentation, then a separate Guided Journey using Lora’s native Irish Otherworld Journeying method. All of these classes, and the Guided Journeys, are suitable for beginners, as well as those with more experience in other traditions.


Previously, there were 3 Mórrígan Classes as a minimum requirement for this Programme. They are still incredibly relevant and in the event of space restrictions, priority will be given to those who have ALSO engaged with these classes.

You can find them at the best priced bundle here – Working with the Mórrígan.


We will send details for Scholarship Applications in mid May 2021, and we will not be accepting or begin processing scholarships until that email goes out (please don’t enquire about it prior to that – there’s no news).

If your application is accepted, we will check to ensure you have completed each of the 3 classes, and you will be offered either a scholarship or a first round place in late May, before programme enrollment is made public.

Pre-registered members will ALSO get first opportunity to enroll for the limited places in 2021.

2021 Meeting the Mórrígan Pre-Registration Form is Here

Meanwhile, you’re welcome to pop over to the Facebook Group and join our online Mórrígan Community! – Facebook.com/groups/MorrigansCave/

(you will need to answer all 3 questions to get in!)

You can also Access my Mórrígan YouTube Playlist Here.