I’m going to be straight up honest here; I don’t do well with personal communications.

With regard to social media…

I am most active on Facebook, but I don’t have the Messenger app on my phone, so there’s really no point sending me a private message there. Tagging me in stuff will usually get my attention, but that can also be a right pain in the arse and I still miss a lot – I get about 100 notifications per hour currently, and I’m focusing more on Deep Work (an affiliate link, fyi) than I ever used to. So, expect to see less of me, not more.

I post to Twitter and Instagram but only rarely go on there.

One of the problems is – if I spent all my time answering all the personal queries I get about Irish magic or spirituality or history or heritage or archaeology or… anything, if I answered all of those privately then I would literally not have time for anything else.

Plus, I’m quite grumpy and anti social. I don’t even WANT to spend my time in private communications with strangers. My siblings and close friends hardly even get enough of that from me.

Anyway, the upshot of all of this is – if you have a question, first off ask it in one of the Facebook Groups I run. You’ll find them linked through my author page on Facebook. That’s WHY I run them. And there’s folks in there who are way smarter and more qualified than me in many ways. I run a nice tight ship, no messers and no bullshit.

If it’s something you really need to ask me in person, feel free to Join My Mailing List and just hit reply to an email I send you. Make it interesting, and relevant, and not something you could have Googled or asked in a Facebook Group… and I’ll see what I can do.