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Irish Otherworld Journeys – Level 1 – The Beach

Free Guided Journeys Programme

Level 1 - The Beach

Get your 30 day Irish Otherworld Guided Journeys Programme, by Lora O'Brien, completely free from start to finish.

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Irish Lore Series

Find your way around quality, authentic Irish Heritage Lore source material with this free 5 Day Beginner’s Guide Series. [coming soon, join the Irish Connection Community above to stay posted!]


Facebook Groups run by Lora O’Brien

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Irish Otherworld Journeys

A place to share Journey experiences and ask guided meditation questions or seek advice. The focus here is on a particular native Irish technique (examples and audio are freely available).

No memes or aspirational posts please, Irish Otherworld Journeys discussion only!


Irish Magic & Spirituality

If you don’t answer the 3 Group Questions, it’s an automatic decline to your application for membership… READ THIS ALL THE WAY THROUGH OR YOU’LL BE BOOTED BEFORE YOU LAND.

Thank you for your interest in this group. We have a current cap of 500 members for manageability and quality of interaction, so it is very difficult to get in. A personal recommendation from a current group member will significantly help, a moderator will check through your facebook profile for any red flags, and you MUST answer the 3 initial questions satisfactorily.

Apologies to those who do not gain entry to this group. Alternatives are:
– Join the Mailing List above.
– Join the Monthly ‘Irish Connection Club’ over on Patreon at a Rewards level that suits your current interest and budget – www.Patreon.com/LoraOBrien

Group Description:
This group is not public and will be carefully moderated. No trolling or flaming allowed, but I do have to warn ye that the owner/Moderator, Lora O’Brien, is blunt as fuck.

No fluff, no fancy fairies, no folk who aren’t willing to research and work for themselves. If you’re new, STFU and listen, learn what you can, try to find your own answers with basic legwork (seriously people, Google is your friend). Do feel free to comment, or like posts, so your interaction and desire to be here will register.

We regularly cull inactive Members (if you have been culled and wish to rejoin, please mention this while answering the 3 questions on application).

Then, please ask questions on people’s experiences, share or ask for opinions and your own experiences or thoughts, be honest with book or blog reviews… Open constructive (not nasty) criticism is allowed, trashing people you don’t like personally is really not.

Specifically LGBTQIA and POC/Minorities friendly and allied, and we will work from a baseline of basic common respect for humans, communities, and this land we live on.

Don’t be posting fluffy pictures and shit to say hi. We have a members’ introduction document, use it. Wiccans are welcome of course, but this is NOT a group for reference to or discussion of wiccan ethos or practice, particularly of the eclectic American sort. STAY ON TOPIC.


The Morrigan’s Cave

[NOTE… You won’t get in without answering and agreeing to the Questions!
ALSO NOTE… the admins here are cruel, dark hearted demons who will slice you open as soon as look at you. We fly them over special from the Otherworld, just to keep this group free from your nonsense.]

A place to share Morrigan connection, questions, scholarship… and personal gnosis/experience (that is clearly marked as such).

No sparkles, memes, unattributed artwork, copy and paste crap. No marketing of anything unless you’re a regularly contributing member. No bullshit.

Stay respectful to Irish culture and leave any colonial appropriation at the cave mouth. Stay on topic. If you get called on anything you weren’t aware you were doing – stay quiet and learn or get the fuck out of our group.

Beir Bua!

I’m not joking. None of this is a joke.