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June 9, 2021

Setting Boundaries in Guided Journeys

We’ve had a few questions lately about boundaries when using Lora’s Guided Journeys in the Irish Otherworld method (more info on the basics of that here) – with some people or other entities popping up for folk unexpectedly, and I’ve a few thoughts to share on this.

Firstly, within this methodology, WHERE you are within the Journey (ie what location or stage you are at, either on the way out or the way back) is relevant.

We work with 3 Levels of Guided Journeys within this system:

  • Level One – The Beach (which is mostly you, and your internal stuff, with an element of the Otherworld… a toe in the Waters, if you will!).
  • Level Two – The Islands (this is the balance of your internal stuff – don’t ya just love that technical term, there’s loads more to teach about this in the classes! – and the Otherworld).
  • Level Three – The Irish Otherworld (this is where you go beyond the bounds of your own stuff – almost – entirely, travelling through An Saol Eile, and requires a whole lot of practice and experience, or very careful in person guidance, to learn).

Where you are when you meet something unexpected will make a difference.

[More on Guided Journeys on this Blog]

Guided Journeys – Level One

If you are meeting things at Level One, ie, on the Beach (either through a Level One Journey, or as you pass through this section during a Level Two Journey), you have complete control.

There is nothing on the Beach that is not of you directly – most often a fantasy, or fear made manifest – or that you do not specifically allow.

Please note that sometimes this ‘allowing’ is unconscious or even subconscious, so don’t dismiss it – “I never did!” – without proper examination to determine if a deep fear or fantasy may have ‘allowed’ something in.

For example, a person can desire another person’s attention, while knowing logically that person is NO good for them, but still putting a deep rooted ‘come hither’ invitation on them. It happens.

Or, a person may logically and rationally understand that someone in their lives is a bad person, or very bad for them at least, and yet somewhere deep down they fear that person’s behaviour was somehow their fault, and they must have allowed it. This too can open a door.

If something unexpected appears, it’s up to you to examine it, and determine whether it is an entity or a thing that is manifested from your own wants, needs, anxieties or fears. This is not always easy, and it can help to use a familiar form of divination, or consult with a guide or guardian to gain some clarity.

You can of course also Journey back to the Beach and call or question the entity/experience, if you feel safe to do so.

We run a Facebook Group where you can also request Peer Support or counsel with regard to your experiences – please answer the Entry Questions to join the group here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/OtherworldJourneys

If you are very, very sure that the experience was not something that manifested of you, but came from outside yourself… OR you’re absolutely sure that is something that is not good for you and needs to be gone from your life, even unconsciously, well. You can simply push that fecker off YOUR Beach!

For hopefully obvious reasons, it is important to do the self examination work first, and not just presume that your experience is coming from outside yourself, because if you are manifesting something unconsciously during a Journey it is usually something that it is important for you to be dealing with or to become aware of.

If you are very sure this is an external entity or projection from outside yourself (it can happen, given the Otherworld element that is contained within the Level One experience, though it is very rare for this to be the case), you can simply visualise – or believe in, or manifest, or insert some text into the Journey script and follow along with – a banishment or protection process that feels suitable to you for this situation.

It could be multiple doors slamming like the opening and closing sequence to ‘Get Smart’. More traditionally, it could be a rising mist that whisks the intruder off the Beach and away from you, and if they attempt a return they will simply get lost in that same mist barrier and never reach your Beach. It could be physical boundaries such as high cliffs or stout walls or rolls of barbed wire or land mines or a field of broken glass or a pond full of snapping turtles or roaming flesh eating tigers or mysterious bog monsters or… you get the idea I’m sure.

This is your Beach. You’re in charge.

Whether it’s a real life person you don’t want to see, a ‘Good Neighbour’ of the Sidhe straying unbidden into your Neighbourhood, or the spirit of someone from your past trying to get your attention – you’re in charge here.

Feel free to get them gone, however that makes sense to you, and continue on with your Journeys in peace.

Guided Journeys – Level Two

If you are meeting things at Level Two that are unexpected or that make you uncomfortable, you have some more serious work to do.

As this is the balance between your own stuff and the Otherworld, either situation above can also apply. This could be a manifestation of your own fears or fantasies, or something external.

So before doing anything else, please refer back to the advice above on examining it (divination, consultation, questioning during a Journey, and peer support).

At Level Two, you will be working with the Island of Ireland (Otherworld version), or your own Island.

If you are roaming around Otherworld Ireland, and encounter something untoward… I mean, it’s gonna happen on occasion. My advice would be to simply return the way you came, as quickly as you can (if you’re listening to an audio guide and need to keep following that, just hit fast forward or skip to jump ahead), and get back to your home Beach, then back up the path and into the Darkness.

This process is carefully designed to ‘shed’ anything unwanted so you don’t bring it back with you unwittingly, and this is exactly the reason why we practice, practice, practice, going out and coming back again the same way each time.

You want to be able to skip right back along a well worn track that hits all the safety markers that are built in to this Journey methodology.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this just yet, or have a bad experience, please go back to the Level One Guided Journeys and really put the work in there for a while, before venturing forth again.

This is how the system was grown/designed to keep you safe.

If you are on your own Island, and something unexpected turns up, again, please follow the same advice as was previously given. In addition, it is absolutely worth revisiting (or investing in) the Level Two Class, and the 5 Week Guided Journeys series, to refresh your skills (or upskill!).

This is the suggested learning and skill development path through our Guided Journeys Content, to ensure you are dealing with things at an appropriate level at any given time.

[NOTE: Level Three Training is only available in person, and we do not have any forthcoming training opportunities at this time (2021). Please make sure you are on the mailing list – Join the Community below – for any information on Level Three training as it becomes available.]

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  • This was extremely helpful. I accidentally almost had a dangerous encounter with a being in my guided journey world. they were chill at first but almost lead me away from my beach ;; It was scary but I’m glad to know that the beach gives me control.

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