In our annual Meeting the Mórrígan programme, I got a question on the Daughters of Ernmas – basically, which ‘set’ of

The Daughters of Ernmas

I’m not sure how many of you, exactly, have searched for a beginner’s guide specifically… But every month, there are 1,900

The Beginner’s Guide to Irish Paganism (Series)

Or indeed, what is a Pagan? These are big questions; broad, and deep, that span the entirety, really, of human history.

What is Paganism?

The character of Queen Maeve has come to popularity in Amazon’s TV show ‘The Boys’ as a badass superhero with some…

The Real Queen Maeve (Medb)

Faolín sighed and shifted her weight, earning herself kicks from her sisters, still sleeping, for her trouble. How could they sleep

The Three Sisters (Cas Corach and the Werewolves of Cruachán)

‘The Battle of Moytura at Cong’, also known as The First Battle of Magh Turedh, Maige Tuired, etc. This text can

First Battle Of Moytura – Cath Muige Tuired Cunga

Ever wonder what is the Táin Bó Cúailgne? Or how to pronounce Táin Bó Cúailnge?! Here’s your guide, covering: a summary

Táin Bó Cúailgne – Cattle Raid of Cooley: A Beginner’s Guide

Does the Goddess Mórrígan have any children, and who are they, exactly? This post started originally with an interesting discussion in

The Mórrígan’s Children

Funny story about the Mórrígan. On Sunday 13th October, I was in Dublin presenting at Octocon – ​The National Irish Science Fiction Convention. 

The Mórrígan – A Month of Questions and Answers

This post is about the monument known as Medb’s Heap, Medb’s Cairn, Medb’s Tomb, Medb’s Nipple or Medb’s Grave (and sometimes

Medb’s Heap – Miosgán Medb