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This is for those who want to learn the Ogham, but to learn it in a different - deeper - way than just reading a book or taking a regular class. 

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Lora O'Brien, Irish Author and Guide

What Previous Members Say...

I love the community of this program, and seeing how other folks saw and worked with the ogham was great and gave me ideas for moving forward. I learned that I have so much to learn--and it truly is a lifelong process. The weekly journeys are so helpful to assist me in connecting with the fid. I'm still working through the last 2 lessons. I'd totally recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn the ogham--not just for divination, but for healing and daily practical use.

Andrea Gawlas Hirsh

New Jersey, USA

Meg Baker Heal

California, USA

I found this program to be even more powerful then I expected. I had to take it slow because each journey was deep and rich. I gained a better understanding of not just what each ogham “means” but actually what they -feel - like, and how they apply to my personal world. This program has given me tools and I would highly recommend it.

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