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There’s a LOT of educational material on this website – some is free, and some paid.

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All of my classes are in 2 parts:

  • 1-2 hours of presentation slides, teaching and talking
  • A Guided Journey specific to the class topic.


About the Class Downloads

Here’s the Irish Magic and Spirituality Basics – click on them to see the course page:

When you’ve worked through those, or if you’d like to explore beyond that right now…

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About the Guided Journeys

The Meditation/Journeying technique I use is unique to my teaching, and developed through 20+ years of my native experience and active exploration of the Irish Otherworld.

There are three levels to this technique of Journeying in the Irish Otherworld, and I offer the first complete Level 1 Programme entirely free of charge.

Level 1 – Free Programme

This Programme forms a solid foundation for ALL of my teaching, and consists of:

  • an Introductory Class – Level 1, The Beach.
  • 30 Days of audio Guided Journeys and Resources, delivered by email.

You can take this free programme first, or in conjunction with any other live class or downloads that interest you.

Free Guided Journeys Programme

Level 1 - The Beach

Get your 30 day Irish Otherworld Guided Journeys Programme, by Lora O'Brien, completely free from start to finish.

Start a Regular Meditation practice...
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You can take any class safely and effectively without having completed the Level 1 Programme, but including this free Programme into your studies adds a depth of experience and understanding to all of my teaching that is undeniable.


Level 2 – Classes and Journeys

All of the Class Download Journeys are at Level 2, and to get the full details and grounding in this methodology, you can take a class…

Followed by:


And to get a monthly Guided Journey from our regular Irish Sacred Site visits:


Once you’ve got those basics down, the natural progression is to work through the online classes: either downloaded, or live in person!

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