Go Raibh Maith Agat!

Holly and Stone at Gougane Barra

Do you ever feel that the information you’ve seen so far about Irish culture, heritage, community and spirituality is not very accurate, or genuine? Do you want connection that is authentic, and truly Irish?

You’re in the right place, I promise.

And I’m SO glad you’re here in our Community, and that I have the honour of sharing my culture and heritage, my native spirituality, with you – to help you build your own authentic connection to Ireland. 💚💚​💚

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Enjoy the Resources!

What Now?

You’ll get a few emails which will introduce you to my work, and orientate you into the Community. Make sure you have a good read through them, so you’ll know what’s going on.

If for some reason that’s not appealing or acceptable to you, PLEASE just use the unsubscribe tab down the bottom of any email and we can part ways. I’m engaged with my Community in this way, which the majority love – but I really don’t want to be annoying anyone. It might not suit you, and that’s grand!

Give it a chance though, and check the useful Irish stuff on offer through the emails. Get a sense of who I am and how I work for you. From there, you’ll get your weekly (ish) Resources emails – usually on a Monday – and any assorted extra info that comes up month to month.

I can guarantee you, this Community is unlike anything you’ve experienced before… but sure, isn’t that why you’re here?!


Guided Journeys in the Irish Otherworld

A large part of my Irish connection work is to support folk through my unique Guided Journeys method. If you’re not already a member, you can check this out (completely free) through our Level 1 – 30 Day Guided Journeys Programme.

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Free Guided Journeys Programme

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Get your 30 day Irish Otherworld Guided Journeys Programme, by Lora O'Brien, completely free from start to finish.

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