Go Raibh Maith Agat!  –  Thank You…

Level 1 - Guided Journeys

Important Programme Info… please consider bookmarking this page?!

I’m delighted you have decided to do this work with me. Like, for real excited that I get to share this technique, and this path to the Irish Otherworld, with you.

Since I opened the free 30 day Guided Journey Programme in January 2018, hundreds of people have signed up for it. You will meet them in the Facebook Group if you decide to join the Community there too, and share in this experience.


What Happens Now?

You are registered on our Level 1 Programme, which will be delivered to you by daily emails, starting within a few minutes of your registration. (If you’ve ended up on this page and somehow missed registration… You Can Find That Here.)

  • Your first email will have this subject line:  ✨ Fáilte! Welcome to the Irish Otherworld Guided Journey Programme…

Follow the instructions within, and take the Introductory Class you’ll see within it.

  • Your second email (delivered the next day) will have this subject line:  ✨ What’s the Catch?

Again, just go through it carefully – and follow the instructions within.

  • Your third email (delivered the next day) will have this subject line:  🌀 Irish Otherworld Journeys of the Individual: Self – 30 Day Programme

From here, you are into the Journeys series, and will receive a new Journey email every second day, with related Resources email/s on the days in between.


What If You Don’t Receive The Emails?

PLEASE, for the love of all that’s good in the world, check the SPAM and Trash folders in your Email account.

Please. Check really carefully. They’ll be coming from my name and email address:  Lora O’Brien <Eolas@loraobrien.ie>

If the emails are truly nowhere to be found, email me (from the email account you registered with!) and I’ll manually look you up in the system, and see what emails went out to you, and when. Or not. We can sort it out from there though.


What Next?

Do. The. Work.

Of the many hundreds who sign up for this Programme, less than half are completing it. Now, I get that life happens – believe me, nobody understands that better.

If you join, then life shit happens and you fall behind, it’s no bother. Don’t skip ahead – just pick it up from where you left off and keep going.

If you fall really far behind, time passes, and you want to go back and start over – just loop back to the Registration Page Here (wanna bookmark this one too?!) and register to start again. Again, no bother.

But don’t be going off with bad feelings because you got lazy and slacked off. It’s less than 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. And in return, your whole life can change.

You can do this!

If you like my style and want to learn more…

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