Rathcroghan: A Journey

The author’s work as an Irish Heritage Professional is about connection; to Ireland’s history, mythology, ancestry, sacred and everyday sites – all of this is communicated and passed on through Ireland’s stories. She worked as the Manager of the Rathcroghan Centre for 8 years, and still guides (select) clients at the ancient spiritual sites.

This book is a work in progress, a growing expression of O’Brien’s connection to 13 sites of the Rathcroghan Royal Complex, in County Roscommon – home of Queen Medb and the ancient Goddess Morrigan – and the creative and intuitional inspiration that tells a story from each of those sites. The expanded second edition contains academic articles and source texts, as well as stories including: ‘The Cave of the Cats’, ‘Amergin and Ellen (not a love story)’, ‘A Wolf’s Tail’, ‘The Pillow Talk’, ‘Meeting the Morrigan’, and many more.
Over 20 years of exploring Irish Spirituality, Lora O’Brien has learned to connect, and to find the story.

Here she shares those stories and experiences with you… So join her, on a Rathcroghan Journey.

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