Events Schedule 2018

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January Level 2 -The Islands Sun 28th Jan, 9pm €29
February Meeting Manannán Mac Lir Sun 25th Feb, 9pm €39
March Your Irish Ancestry Sun 25th Mar, 9pm €39
April Introduction to Irish Paganism  Sun 29th Apr, 9pm €27
May Introduction to the Mórrígan Sun 27th May, 9pm €37
June Shapes of the Mórrígan Sun 24th Jun, 9pm €37
July Mapping the Otherworld Sun 29th Jul, 9pm €37
August Witchcraft in Ireland Sun 26th Aug, 9pm €37
September Meeting Irish Gods Sun 30th Sep, 9pm €37
October Working with the Dagda Sun 28th Oct, 9pm €37
November Working with Sacred Sites Sun 25th Nov, 9pm €37
December Seasons and Cycles Sun 30th Dec, 9pm €37


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