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If you’re new to Lora’s Irish Connection work, this is a good place to begin. Topics covered include:

Do you want to learn about Irish Spirituality from a native teacher?

Monthly online classes & downloads on indigenous Irish Spiritual Practice; the Gods, Guides and Guardians of Ireland.

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Level 1 - Guided Journeys

30 Day Journeys Programme

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Free Guided Journeys Programme

Level 1 - The Beach

Get your 30 day Irish Otherworld Guided Journeys Programme, by Lora O'Brien, completely free from start to finish.

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Want to Visit the Sacred Sites of Ireland?

Each month I create a series of Irish Connection Rewards – there are Tales of Old Ireland, unique Guided Journeys (Level 2), Sacred Site Visits with Photo & Video Journals, and a full in-depth Site Report – exclusively for my Patrons.


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