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January 4, 2021

Gaelic Ireland – A Theme Song for Irish Pagans

“On Union, the latest album of collaborations he sings a song called Gaelic Ireland which sounds like it was written 100 years ago. I have the feeling it will be sung in 100 years from now.”

– John Reynolds: Producer to Irish Artist Damien Dempsey.

I was sitting in a coffee shop with my sister-in-law, Karen. This was back in the carefree pre-pandemic days when we could do such things without even a second thought, mind you.

My partner, Jon, had brought her kids off to the playground nearby, and we were chatting about this and that.

One of the things that came up was the Irish singer and songwriter Damien Dempsey.

This is a lad who mixes traditional Irish folk music with contemporary lyrics, delivering social commentary on the positive and negative aspects of Irish society in a way that’s second to none. In our considered opinions.

We talked about a couple of his songs – Colony was one of them, for sure – that speak to us really fucking deeply.

Then, just like that, she dropped the theme song for Modern Irish Paganism on me. All casual like.

“Do you know the song Gaelic Ireland?” says she. “No? Ah, you’ll love it!”

And ya know what? I do. I really do love it.

I’ll drop it on you below, and sure, you can decide for yourself from there.

Listen on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/track/5ENisyUFBK9gyXlaOVqlfA

Listen on YouTube –

Gaelic Ireland Lyrics

Gaelic Ireland is broken but her song still remains
Gaelic Ireland can be woken in the hearts of your wains
Broken hearted I’ll wander, broken hearted I’ll remain
Till Gaelic Ireland is awoken, I will take on the blame

Gaelic Ireland is grieving but the day will beat the night
Gaelic Ireland is believing that community is bright
Fare thee well to the prison with its high walls of shame
Let the druids all awake now and light campfires again

In 2000 and 15 we faced down church and state
That sweet spirit of rebellion we can once more awake
Well I say “Slán” to people instead of “Goodbye”
Old oak trees are my steeples, for to us they don’t lie

Gaelic Ireland is broken but her song still remains
Gaelic Ireland can be woken in the hearts of your wains
Community, hospitality and sweet artistry are we
If we hold on to hatred then our hearts won’t beat free

From the Album ‘Union’ by Damien Dempsey, featuring Pauline Scanlon. Get your copy here – https://amzn.to/38YRLhd (Amazon links on this page are affiliate, so I’ll get a few cents if you buy this way, at no cost to you.)

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