A Practical Guide to Pagan Priesthood

There's a pressing need in the Pagan community for strong, aware, responsible, and accountable leaders. This book provides a down-to-earth perspective on what it means to be a priestess or priest and explores the duties, responsibilities, challenges, and benefits of stepping into a leadership role.

Whether you are currently a priest or priestess, are considering taking on such a role, or would like to be more informed about Pagan leadership so you can better support your community, this book helps you learn about the practical skills required and provides ideas on how you can acquire or improve them.

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (October 8th, 2019)
ISBN-10: 073875966X
ISBN-13: 978-0738759661

Harp, Club, and Cauldron - A Harvest of Knowledge

A curated anthology of scholarship, lore, and creative writings on the Dagda in Irish tradition. He is a king, a druid, a war chieftain, a lover, and a worker of the land. He nourishes and he kills, he loves and he fights, in equal measure. He knows the sorcerous arts of druidry and the secrets of time. He is the Dagda - the mightiest of all the Irish Gods, and yet he is often overlooked in popular approaches to the Irish Gods. This book distills the scholarship, experience, and creative vision of the Irish and Celtic spirituality communities to bring you a harvest of knowledge featuring: -- Works of original scholarship on the Dagda, his role in literature culture, and myth, and related divinities. -- Translated early Irish textual material with commentary. -- Tools for the practitioner including prayers, rituals, recipes. -- Insightful experiential writings from priests and practitioners. -- Curated original creative writings. -- Original artwork and illustrations.No one reading this book will come away unsatisfied… Join us at the Dagda’s Cauldron!

Publisher: Eel & Otter Press (November 3rd, 2018)
ISBN-10: 1722813202
ISBN-13: 978-1722813208

Tales of Old Ireland: Retold

Ancient Irish Stories Retold for Today.

In Ireland, we have a wealth of old myths, legends, fairy tales and folk stories, which are presented here in an easy to read, authentic Irish storyteller's voice - retold for modern times. Our Tales of Old Ireland reach from the heroic warriors Fionn and the Fianna, to the curse of a Goddess, to an on-going battle of wits between the Connacht Queen Medb (Maeve) and her rival the King of Ulster. You'll see shape shifting sisters, fairy folk you'll want to watch out for, fights with monsters, and wise old women helping young maids.

Lora O’Brien is an Author, Teacher, and Guide: native born Irish, with strong personal and professional experience in our history, heritage, archaeology, mythology, and pre-christian Irish Spirituality. She is a modern Draoí – a practitioner and priest of indigenous Irish magic and spirituality, in the simplest terms. 

Publisher: Eel & Otter Press (July 1st, 2018)
ISBN-10: 1722223782
ISBN-13: 978-1722223786