Normally, questions come in from my Mailing List or YouTube comments, and I’ll answer them in blogs or videos, but I

Beltane is the anglicised version of our Irish word Bealtaine – still in use and meaning ‘the month of May’ in

The Gods and Goddesses of the Irish were/are a little different from others in Celtic Mythology from Britain and Europe, and

Today, I’m grieving. Yesterday morning, I learned of the loss of a very good friend. I was in a café having

This collection of quotes about druids and druidic practices is from an old Angelfire website that I unfortunately can’t find a

On this blog, and in the weekly Irish Pagan Resources emails through our community mailing list, we cover a variety of

“Pottage is not so much used in all Christendom as it is used in England” – Andrew Boorde, Dyetary (I542) Pottage

As any witch will know, you take good care of where your hair and nails end up. And with whom. So

When just 1 year old, she sat on her kitchen floor in a pool of blood, beside a mother who would

You’ve heard a lot about the health benefits of meditation by now, right? I know, I know, some of that has